Multimedia Creative
  • Disposable Film Festival

    San Francisco's funnest Film Festival!

  • Mobile Man

    Action-packed comic book infographic for Unisys

  • Walnuts Website

    Responsive website design for California Walnut Commission

  • 3D Design

    Adding another dimension with 3D

Featured Projects

On The Wire

November 22, 2012
Are you on your way to visit the San Francisco area and want to get some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge? Here are some of the most popular spots to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge, directions and example photos.

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November 21, 2012
A one-stop-shop that provides you the most important information so you can get started making your very own Adobe Digital Publishing Suite application.

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The Short Story

I am a multimedia creative living in the San Francisco area with experience in print, digital, art direction, video, and 3D. I really enjoy the process of executing a creative campaign– especially concept, design, and production. Working in a variety of creative disciplines is what I find to be the most challenging, and yet the most fun.

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Multimedia Creative… Can You Be More Specific?
  • Profile ImagePrint design is a core discipline and is still a great way to broadcast a message. Even in this ever-evolving digital world, it’s still nice to pick up a newspaper or hold a magazine.
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  • Profile ImageWebsite design and development, web banners, and Flash is where it all began. I’ve gotten the chance to do work in some really great industries like hospitality, gaming, security, agriculture, and publishing.
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  • Profile ImageOver the last few years video has really become very popular. Camera equipment and editing software have become much more accessible for everyone. The focus now is on storytelling, creativity, and community.
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  • Profile ImageOne of my favorite multimedia disciplines is working and creating images in 3D. The 3D software interface is just fascinating and the way in which it allows you to create in real-world space can’t be beat.
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Kevin Mata | Multimedia Creative
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